Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Saw Trax Dual Arm Saw review and best price

Saw Trax Dual Arm Saw

Saw Trax Dual Arm Saw description

The new Dual Arm Saw wil out cut any radial arm saw! How? It's not the 6" depth of cut. It's not the 32" cross cut. It' not the built-in dust collection. It's not the Accu-Square Alignment system. It's not the $3995.00 selling price. It's because you can make more cuts in less time. With every cut you make with a radial arm saw, you leave some dust against the fence. Debris can throw off the alignment of your material, especially when it accumulates on the table. In order to make consistent cuts, you have to clean the table every time! What a waste! Our Mini-Beam Saw has the Dust Buster Fence System that allows dust to pulled through the table and out of the way! No more cleaning! This unit comes standard with a Makita 5402 NA Beam Saw, 36" x 60" solid steel table, built-in dust hook-up and the Accu-Square Alignment System. Estimated availability is 2-4 weeks.
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Saw Trax Dual Arm Saw features

  • 6" Depth of Cut
  • Self Cleaning! Dust Collection built into the table!
  • Perfect for Countertops!
  • Two position fences! Cut toward or away from you!
  • Angled fence system eliminates misalignment due to saw dust

Saw Trax Dual Arm Saw best price

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